Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

TruSense partners with physicians and hospitals to help patients more effectively manage chronic conditions and adhere to medication schedules.

We also help ensure that pre-conditions — such as elevated blood sugar or pre-hypertension — don’t escalate into more serious conditions.

  • By empowering patients with the tools to take control of their health TruSense can help prevent catastrophic health events, resulting in lower readmission rates and fewer emergency room visits.
  • Our products can modernize discharge planning, and be instrumental in reducing readmissions. We can provide condition-specific kits that enable patients to take charge of their health and ensure compliance.
    • These kits set them up for success, promoting greater engagement and ownership of their health as part of the patient’s normal routine.
  • Our platform incorporates leading telehealth-grade biometric devices. We take privacy seriously and our SaaS platform is HIPAA-compliant and follows the highest information protection standards.
  • If you’re a healthcare provider and would like to explore how TruSense can help you manage the ongoing outcomes of your patients, please fill out the contact form below and someone will be in touch with you soon.

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